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Boatim Enters US Boat Insurance Market

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MIAMI, May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Boatim Inc. (OTCQB: BTIM), a company building the digital boating products of tomorrow, today announces the launch of its new boat insurance offering for US customers. On its mission to provide the best digital experience for the next generation boaters, it is now possible to conveniently obtain a competitive quote directly online on Boatim.com .

Through our partnership with American Marine Insurance (AMI), a respectable player in the nautical insurance industry with brokers in a number of states, our customers now have access to the best policies from market leading insurers like Markel, Chubb or Geico. Successfully operating in this industry for years, Boatim and its customers benefit from AMI´s solid experience in managing thousands of policies, working only with AAA-rated carriers and dealing smoothly with any claim.

"It was our strategic goal to add another important service for our boaters online and at the same time unlock yet another big revenue stream for the company. And with American Marine Insurance we now have a robust and professional partner providing the insurance related part of the business while we take their core business onto our digital boating world," says Max Treichel, Boatim´s head of business development USA.

Jeff Brown, CEO of American Marine: "We are excited to see this product go live with Boatim and to be part of their new frontier in bringing all sorts of boating products and services digital - for the good of our current and all of the future customers."

Through Boatim.com anyone looking to insure their boat can now receive competitive quotes easily. For potential buyers of a boat this new feature allows to directly connect with trusted and established industry partners to understand key elements of a boat insurance and to obtain their insurance quote.

About Boatim Inc.

Boatim Inc. (OTCQB: BTIM) is a globally operating online marketplace and special interest social network for both the boating industry and boat users.

Boatim Inc. was founded in 2018 and currently operates with offices in Miami (USA) and Barcelona (Spain). The technology start-up provides industry-specific software, aimed at facilitating the process of buying and selling boats and providing digital maritime services online.

On Boatim.com the boating industry can sell and promote products and connect with a fast-growing potential customer base, while boat users can explore and buy boats, and connect with like-minded people and brands. The platform, that can be accessed through both mobile devices and desktops, generates revenues through listing placements and subscription plans, as well as on-platform ads. Thanks to the great business model scalability, more revenue streams will be added soon.

Since August 2019 the privately funded start-up has become a publicly listed entity, trading at the OTCQB Venture Market under the trading symbol BTIM.

To learn more about Boatim, visit https://investor.boatim.com

Forward Looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements regarding our future business expectations, which are subject to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements are only predictions and may differ materially from actual results due to a variety of factors including: our ability to retain or increase users and engagement levels; our reliance on advertising revenue; our dependency on mobile operating systems, networks, and standards that we do not control; risks associated with new product development and their introduction as well as other new business initiatives; our emphasis on user growth and engagement and the user experience over short-term financial results; competition; litigation; privacy and regulatory concerns; risks associated with acquisitions; security breaches; and our ability to manage growth and geographically-dispersed operations. These and other potential risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ from the results predicted are more fully detailed under the caption "Risk Factors" in our Annual Report on Form 10-K filed with the SEC on Dec 2, 2020, which is available via the SEC website at www.sec.gov. Additional information has also been set forth in our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended Aug 31, 2020. In addition, please note that the date of this press release is May 18, 2021, and any forward-looking statements contained herein are based on assumptions that we believe to be reasonable as of this date. We undertake no obligation to update these statements as a result of new information or future events.

Boatim® and Smart Connected Inventory® are registered trademarks of Boatim, Inc. All product names, trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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